Demir752.26 $
          Çelik Hasır734.43 $
          Düz Kangal759.94 $
          Nervürlü Kangal770.14 $
          Kütük660 $
          İthal Hurda410 $
          Demir Cevheri141 $

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Export Markets lower and lower…
Black Sea Bloom Export Rates $ 642.5 According to steel price
Metal Bulletin: Turkish steelmakers booked at least three deep-sea scrap shipments this week.
Market makers told Fastmarkets on Friday (April 1st) that Turkish steelmakers ended their work week with three deep-sea scrap shipments...
Today, Metal Bulletin reports on the export market of steel ingots and slabs of some of the sales outlets in this field, including Iran, CIS, India, Turkey and China.
According to: Metalbulletin

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The J ATLAS is an International trading company and exclusive agent of some of the largest steel corporations in Turkey and the Persian Gulf States. J ATLAS formed its business based on a combination of knowledge, experience, reliability, and responsibility, with more than half a century experience in steel trading and manufacturing industry.