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What is Rebar? Types and Size of Steel reinforcement
Rebar (brief for reinforcing bar), known when massed as reinforcing steel or reinforcement steel,[1] could be a steel bar or work of steel wires utilized as a pressure gadget in fortified concrete and strengthened stone work structures to fortify and help the concrete beneath pressure. Concrete is solid beneath compression,...
Domestic sponge iron division might report negative development due to coal emergency: Industry body SIMA
The domestic wipe press industry might report a negative development within the continuous December quarter "in case the deficiency of coal is permitted to proceed", agreeing to summit industry body SIMA. Sponge Press Producers Affiliation (SIMA) Official Executive Deependra Kashiva said India is anticipated to report a...
Turkey’s iron ore imports up 20.1 percent in January-June
Concurring to investigates within the June of this year, Turkey's press metal imports totaled 1.12 million mt, expanding by 28.2 percent compared to May and up 33.2 percent as...

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The J ATLAS is an International trading company and exclusive agent of some of the largest Iranian steel corporations in Turkey and the Persian Gulf States. J ATLAS formed its business based on a combination of knowledge, experience, reliability, and responsibility, with more than half a century experience in steel trading and manufacturing industry.