Today’s report of Metal Bulletin from the export market of steel ingots and slabs of some bases, including Iran and CIS

2.24% decrease in Iranian bullion and return to the border of $ 590 / ton FOB

➖ wrote the Steel Reporter
In a recent Metal Bulletin report, we read that following the imposition of Western sanctions on Russia, Russian steel exporters will look to China; This issue is not very interesting for Iran's export market as the restriction of Russian target markets and the narrowing of competition for common target markets between Iran and Russia and can be a serious threat to our steel export market ...

On the other hand as an opportunity; If Iran's talks with the West conclude in Vienna; The vacuum of Russian steel in the new target markets for Iranian steel for European purposes can be a great opportunity and advantage; Not only in steel, maybe in many other commodities ...

Now the question is whether the Russians will allow Iran to take advantage of this opportunity without any obstacles ?!

According: Metalbulletin

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