Turkey’s iron ore imports up 20.1 percent in January-June

Concurring to investigates within the June of this year, Turkey’s press metal imports totaled 1.12 million mt, expanding by 28.2 percent compared to May and up 33.2 percent as compared to the same month of 2020, concurring to the measurements given by the Turkish Measurable Founded (TUIK). The esteem of these imports expanded by 172.5 percent to $206.52 million year on year, whereas up 20.0 percent as compared to May.

In the mean time, within the January-June period of this year, Turkey’s press mineral imports summed to 5.48 million metric tons, up 20.1 percent year on year, whereas the income created by these imports totaled $929.75 million, expanding by 112.3 percent compared to the same period of 2020.

Within the given period, Turkey’s press metal imports from Brazil stood at 2.71 million mt, up 1.8 percent year on year. Brazil was taken after by Sweden which provided 904,515 mt, whereas Turkey’s press ore imports from Russia within the given period produced to 770,544 mt.

Turkey’s press metal moment sources within the to begin with six months this year can be seen within the chart underneath:

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